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  1. Tried the Evernote web today. The speed is amazing and I didn't notice any delay in response. Very responsive and easy to use. Also tried the beta Home & List feature. I like them and it give a lot of potential. I started to like it and looking forward for the dev to polish it more and add more feature. This remind me of the recent behind the scene interview between Ian & Nate Fortin, where they talk about the key focus: Converge, Polish & Invent. I hope they continue to polish the app so I have a workable desktop app so I can switch from t
  2. Steps to reproduce Open Evernote IOS Click on +New Note > Start Sketching Do some sketching Click on Save. The app freeze and stay in "saving.." stage and frozen. I have waited for more than 30 minutes and it stays the same. Very Unusable. Feedback Here is my take on the new sketching app. The ability to write and zoom in and out to expand it into canvas is definitely a step forward and I like it. It's still quite basic at this stage but it is understandable. I hope the team focusing on getting solid performance, syncing and bug free bef
  3. Scenario I use Ipad to read news, articles and books. I use the evernote as my clipper for all interesting articles and screenshots. Then I will use these in my work or revise them in my laptop. Recently I realized that the evernote version 10 for IOS ( the brand new app) doesn't sync these articles to the cloud unless I open the apps. In the legacy ios app, I doesn't have this problem. To replicate the issues Create a screenshot. Share to evernote and wait for it to be clipped. Open evernote on desktop and click on sync ( just to make sure sync activities
  4. must have feature. I'm considering moving to Google docs or dropbox paper because evernote lack of this functionality...
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