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  1. Is there any kind of Markdown extension available for Windows or Web based Evernote?
  2. Is there a Web EN shortcut, extension or other way to instantly create a note. By my count it takes me 4 clicks to create a note in the NEW Web EN: click the Evernote shortcut on the bookmarks bar Click the Green New Note button Click a Notebook to store it in Start typing In contrast, on the phone it takes me a two taps and I'm in edit mode: Tap the new note widget Start typing Also, in contrast, the free Google Keep web app also only takes 2 clicks: click on the shortcut in bookmarks bar start typing. So, what I'm asking is: Is there a Chrome extension or other tool which allows one to click a single button and then start typing? The web clipper doesn't create a blank note that I know of.
  3. I'm an old Evernote user, and the last time (3 years ago) I tried it, it just didn't work well with my workflow. So, I recently downloaded it again, but needed to purchase it in order to check it out on my 3 main devices: 1) Samsung Note8 phone; 2) Windows Computer; 3) Google Pixelbook. I had assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that after all these years, there was a mature product available. If possible, I would prefer ONLY using the NEW web client EN and not the Windows App. A few questions: Is it true one cannot cut and paste (from my screencapture app's clipboard) in the OLD Web EN? But it works in the NEW Web EN? Is it true one cannot create stacks in the NEW Web EN? But it works in the OLD Web EN?
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