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  1. Hi - I just installed Evernote on my Android OP3T running Android v7.1 I noticed a huge difference in battery life after setting up Evernote on my phone - and it wasn't in a good way. ? My battery was now draining at about 3% per hour, instead of the typical 0.5% per hour. So, I opened up Wakelock Detector, and saw Evernote on the top of the wakelock list. My OP3T was Active 69% of the time, and in Deep Sleep only 31% of the time. When I uninstalled Evernote, my Deep Sleep went up to 93%, and my battery life returned back to my usual 0.5% per hour. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I really like Evernote, but I can't use it if it will drain my phone battery this heavily. Thanks, AzJazz
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