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  1. Found that excel is replacing the triple slashes into double slashes for Evernote app links. so a link like evernote:///view/... would be saved as evernote://view/.. the solution is to use HYPERLINK formula =HYPERLINK("evernote:///view/87192982/s490/0419a3e1-27c6-4c95-9ff0-dd07fbce3098/a56b41d6-6029-49c8-84f4-3eea71f30719") but it's much faster just to save the link into the cell and copy it and execute it throw windows RUN
  2. Evernote doesn't open internal app links (Ctr+Alt+L) consistently when trying to open the link from EXCEL. I have no problem opening the link from Windows RUN executing it as a command: evernote:///view/87192982/s490/fc0f7168-5326-436b-8a3e-03045f61fabc/a56b41d6-6029-49c8-84f4-3eea71f30719 However once you add the link as a hyperlink cell in Excel, I get inconsistency. Once you click on Excel hyperlink "evernote:///view/..." the Evernote will open the most recent note in Notebook where note is located. Evernote v10.4.3 build 2071
  3. 10 years latter still no change? Such a helpful application and no attention to details. The easiest change would be to make first picture as note preview.
  4. In my case, a note contained lots of screenshots to the point that it would take 10-20 seconds to display content. I had to split content into two notes and my empty picture was back to normal on reopening.
  5. Apparently, there is an issue with Snipping tool. I fixed my issue by using Snip&Sketch tool that has been introduced in the latest update of Windows 10. Also, you can try to use third-party screenshot tools or simply save you screenshot in JMPEG first and then add into your notes.
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