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  1. Slogans are all very well and I have certainly had great respect for Apple, especially when under the leadership of Steve Jobs. OT/ on I keep myself somewhat informed on what goes on and to my own regret I found plenty of comments by users and articles in the press on the growing number of Mac users with complaints concerning the latest Mac models. I got myself interested in the latest 2018 Macbook Pro 15" only to discover that the standard hardware specification was hardly overwhelming and on top of that the more powerful cpu apparently had an overheating problem resulting in stepping down. So, Apple like the rest of the hardware bunch hastily had to supply a patch. The butterfly keyboard was another case, best not mentioned. /off OK, programmers may indeed have a more complex job with Windows applications. Valid point? No! Why? Because there is software on the market, not just recently, levels up on Evernote for which users have the free choice of Mac or Win version or both. Lookalike, identical functions, apart from the inherent OS differences. Nice and easy for the user. Time for Evernote to catch up. BTW Win 10 at this stage of development is a very stable and user friendly OS with excellent hardware support.
  2. In a way your thoughts seem perfectly logical. However I am puzzled to learn that the user experience for Mac users is a lot better. Why should that be? From my understanding Windows is still the predominant OS. As far as I can judge Evernote is excellent as far web clips are concerned but editing is just too awkward. I am also sure my monthly demands would never exceed 200 MB, if that. Nevertheless just for the sheer convenience I would gladly pay for Premium but understandly I do not feel inclined to fund developments without a convincing timeline. After all Evernote is not new on the market.
  3. @chirmer Thanks so much for your personal assessment re the Windows version. Explains everything.
  4. @ctxhou Please do keep the good work up☺️ Will certainly give EverTool for Windows every chance. Thanks so much.
  5. Well going by your probably much better insight into Evernote's projects, cancellation or rescheduling can only mean that money became tight. According to the CEO we can expect focusing on us, the customers. Going by what customers want in the way of bug-free releases and improvements I would expect plenty of tasks ahead for some time. I gathered from reading in the forum that customer support issues were not always dealt with in a satisfactory and timely manner. I have no idea what day-to-day processing means as far as Evernote is concerned. However I should imagine that with so many subscribers finance&accounting plus customer support plus IT certainly require a reasonable number of personnel. Most of us have some idea in what way vastly bug-free releases can be produced. Perhaps Evernote will surprise us all. Stability and an improved editor and I will go Premium.
  6. Well, I can assure you that the introductory offer was over before I could grab it.
  7. If 15 % of the total workforce are thought to be of no use (getting the sack right now) then, according to my own experience, the remaining staff, respectively the Indians amongst them (Chiefs can be discounted) will be loaded with extra work. No one can tell me that the tasks ahead of Evernote can be done with fewer numbers. Are the 54 job cuts necessary to finish the year "without burning cash"? In other words, would Evernote have ended the year in the red if staff had been kept? Depending on who is laid off, 15 % payroll + overheads, can be a significant amount. Not so long ago I remember an article in which the CEO emphasised that they were recruiting. So, is Evernote on the point of a merger or a joint venture? Would that be one way of keeping business going without having to raise cash, would also warrant the Elephant's "exquisite" redesign, etc. plus the resignation of 4 or 5? executives prior to the latest news (maybe with golden handshake)? (Nobody needs to tell me how Evernote processes and stores data, even as a basic user I got the idea. I would like to stress to me the EN webclipper is state-of-the-art -Chrome primary browser, Firefox secondary, Edge just a compulsory app with Win 10).
  8. Mr. O'Neill confirmed sacking of 15 % staff right now. Exactly which changes will be implemented in Evernote soon and in 2019 I could not get out of his announcement. If Evernote for Windows, in particular the editor, gets the major facelift I will happily go Premium.
  9. @ewes last month I finally got around to having a Surface Pro because of the phenomenal pen. Apart from the full-blown OneNote 2016 (available for free to everybody!) which supports OCR and exports to .doc/.docx and pdf I quite like Nebo (MyScript). I decided against subscribing to Evernote due to a number of formatting issues. Nevertheless, I would not want to be without Evernote, in particular the Webclipper which certainly outperforms the OneNote Clipper in some instances. Once clip is finished in EN I select page preview which in my instance opens up a pdf editor with proper page format control. I can then either save as pdf document or print straight to OneNote. For pdf annotation I got myself Drawboard PDF. Maybe my still limited experience gives you some guidance and lets you find the tools to suit your requirements
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