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  1. Ever since I updated with the latest version, I encountered the following annoying issues: (sorry I don't usually criticize a product or service but the latest update really affected my user experience in a negative way). 1. In the previous version, after I clicked the "Simplify Formatting" option in a note using my mobile phone, the note normally retains the spaces in between each paragraph. But with the latest version, there are no more spaces between the paragraph, making it VERY hard to read. Just imagine reading an article without those spaces. 2. In the previous version, I can have a full view of a two-column table in my mobile phone screen. But after the latest update, I can only view one column and I need to swipe left or right to see the other column. This is really annoying and reduces my productivity because of having to swipe left and right just to see the information in the other column. 3. In the previous version, whenever I would edit a note, I need to tap the green circle button with a pencil symbol in the lower-right portion of the screen. But in the latest version, tapping anywhere in the screen would automatically open the editing tools. The negative effect with this is that a note can accidentally be edited if the user accidentally taps the screen. I still prefer the security of having to tap the green circle button to edit a note. Please address the above issues Evernote. Thank you.
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