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  1. There is no error message. I open Evernote on my Dell laptop, and open one of the messages. My cursor shows a pointing finger. i click to get a cursor, and nothing happens. I can't add text, can't correct an error in existing text, etc. When I do this, I have closed the app on the IPad, so I don't have the same text open on two devices. When I open a new note on the laptop, I can add a title, but cannot get a cursor in the text box. it just sits there and won't let me type anything.
  2. I have loaded Evernote Basic on my laptop and my Ipod. I am finding that if I create a note on the IPod, I am able to see it on the laptop, but not able to edit or add info to it on the laptop. Am I doing something wrong, or is that the way it works? Thanks for any info you can provide.
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