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  1. This is similar to my issue as the title of page is there but the content of the page is gone from my mobile device. Reinstalled app but no success.
  2. I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it didn't help.
  3. The content of one of my notes is missing on my mobile device, the note title is there, but no content on page. I found it on my PC but am unable to sync to get it restored on my mobile device. Also looked in trash to see if I could restore to my phone from there, but not found there. This note was extremely important to me and I need access on my phone. I guess since I'm using a free version I am unable to send a message to support for help, which leaves me only the choice of community advice. Evernote was not my phone provider's choice, but I had so much already saved here I kept it. Since there is no customer service for me I will be searching for a new program with customer support included.
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