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  1. This are the final steps. After selecting the tag, have to click “cancelar” (cancel) and then again on “ok”
  2. Actually the previous post reply was for a diferent request. for rhis one: - when importing a note, the tag box and notbook box doesn’t have a searchbox
  3. The 2 final steps shouldn’t repeat. there must be a better way. i have to click “cancelar” (cancel) then “ok”
  4. I have been a 8year devoted user of evernote and i use both platforms, but honestly i think evernote development is losing track on its core. The iOS apps (ipad and iphone) havent evolved like they should have. Most of what i posted is already in seperate feature requests from orher users...some since 2011. just hope that some of this simple one get in a next update. Cant imagine the time and trouble for having to find a diferent app. i don’t like onenote, but they have been evolving prety fast.
  5. I have 200tags, thats why there is a searh box within the tag selection. And thats where there is ine step more than it should have
  6. For the many years i have been a user of evernote, i haven seen the necessary focus on improving the “note” taking and using that made evernote a great app. Please focus on the core. Users are more and more on mobile platforms and IOS app needs to evolve more. Give priority to long asked features like: - Note merging - improvements on the search algorithm - improvement on filters for tags and notebooks (faster and more productive) - atlas note filter
  7. When filtering for a tag, in Ios the steps are: - click filter - write the selected text for the tag - select the tag - clik “cancel” - click “ok” this click on “cancel” shouldn’t be there. or it should just be “ok” and no more steps should be needed.
  8. It should be possible to select by text search but It s only possible to go by the alphabet tag list. this Is a major productivity killer
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