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  1. This are the final steps. After selecting the tag, have to click “cancelar” (cancel) and then again on “ok”
  2. Actually the previous post reply was for a diferent request. for rhis one: - when importing a note, the tag box and notbook box doesn’t have a searchbox
  3. The 2 final steps shouldn’t repeat. there must be a better way. i have to click “cancelar” (cancel) then “ok”
  4. I have 200tags, thats why there is a searh box within the tag selection. And thats where there is ine step more than it should have
  5. When filtering for a tag, in Ios the steps are: - click filter - write the selected text for the tag - select the tag - clik “cancel” - click “ok” this click on “cancel” shouldn’t be there. or it should just be “ok” and no more steps should be needed.
  6. It should be possible to select by text search but It s only possible to go by the alphabet tag list. this Is a major productivity killer
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