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  1. Thanks Dave, Yes, the problem has started recently. Surprisingly, it correlates with the time, when my notebook crashed and I had to reinstall all the programs (as well as Evernote) there. However, the issue is reproducible on my Android phone only!..
  2. Hi, My notes won't open in Evernote on phone (they open ok in PC). When I tap on a note, it shows a loading circle "Opening a note" and then throw an error message: "Oops! System error. We'll close Evernote to eliminate the error. If the problem persists, try to restart the device." I tried to restart the device, to reinstall Evernote - it didn't help. The tickets in Evernote support cannot be reported. It's stupid that there's a page to submit a ticket w i t h o u t the actual possibility to submit it. So, how can I report this problem?
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