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  1. On 6/1/2017 at 9:46, Mike P dijo:

    I know this post is a bit old but I found it while searching with the same problem. There are various potential solutions that I have eventually discovered. Direct import of an html file (via the import folder in windows Evernote) only works for simple files and normally fails to include pictures and also changes the formatting. In my experience this is actually more likely to fail if you embed pictures etc in the file.

    My best solution is as follows: Save the html file to dropbox. Open the file on the dropbox web interface - you need to open in a new tab in order to see it without any dropbox clutter. You can then use the webclipper.

    Another solution that works is to cut and paste the file from chrome into gmail and then either use the webclipper from there or even better, if you are a premium user, e-mail into Evernote


    I used your recommendation of using Dropbox and it worked perfectly for me

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  2. hace 18 horas, PinkElephant dijo:

    The question is why I should sort my notes ?

    There are options to sort by several dates, titles etc. But basically I see EN not as a filing machine, it is a finding machine.

    So I prefer to put stuff on a heap (or haystack) and rely on the search capabilities to find the needle whenever I need to.

    My main view is usually set to „All notes“ and „actualisation date“, with a few notes marked as favorites for permanent visibility.

    That's true. However, I like to have a index note to have glimpse on what the notebook has; however, when I update a note insid the notebook the index gets lost.

  3. Hola a todos,


    Les comento, para cada libreta que creo, que generalmente creo para proyectos, hago una nota índice. Quisiera que esta me apareciera siempre en la parte de arriba de la libreta para tenerla a la mano, sin que se cambie la posición en caso de que modifique alguna otra nota, ¿alguno tiene idea de cómo realizar esto?


    Muchas gracias.

  4. hace 15 horas, DTLow dijo:

    A tag managent strategy I use is to maintain hierarchies  
    - an actual hierarchy (Mac/Windows)  
    - name prefixing; for example Budget-Food, Budget-Entertainment, ....  
                                                         Vendor-Walmart, Vendor-Apple, ...

    How do you keep those hierarchies? Would you mind show it to us? i'm trying to construct my own and I would like to learn from other experiences

  5. On 14/1/2020 at 13:07, DTLow dijo:

    The OCR search index is a useful tool, but I don't rely on it.

    After collection, I process the receipts and assign tags and title to indicate date, vendor, budget, $, ...
    An example receipt is titled:    2020-01-05 Receipt ?Vendor-Walmart !Budget-Furniture [Mirror] $-25.99
                                       with tags: !Type-Receipt, ?Vendor-Walmart, !Budget-Furniture

    Thanks all of you for your suggestions. i'll try the evernote scanner for a while using this tagging system that I like. I'm an android user for now.

  6. Hi,

    I'm implementing this general notes where I keep a record of the project (actually, is an evernote template). I was wondering if I can create a link for an specific section of the note, to say for example to the resources of the project. As far as I know, the links only refer to the entire note, but not to specific sections of it.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Hi


    I have one table in which I try to add a new row below. I tried with right-click and add a new row, but nothing happens. I also go to the last cell of the table and press the "tab", and nothing happens. So It's impossible for me to add new rows.

    I also try to combine two cells, but I cannot select them to combine.

    Does anyone have this same issue? Any Idea about what can I do?

    Today, I downloaded the latest version and installed. So, it would be not a version problem.


    Thanks a lot


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