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  1. I emailed myself the log file and did a search for "size". Found it! The title of the item was there, so I went back to my phone and searched. Sure enough it was in the trash and contained a bunch of photos I had taken. All the photos were related (subject-wise), but I don't recall trying to sync them to Evernote. In the future a better search term might be "refusing to upload"
  2. Is there maybe some log file I can look at that might tell me which note is not syncing? The activity log is there, but there is so much text to scroll through...taking a look at that now.
  3. Correct. I have no idea what note is causing the sync issue. If I could sort all the notes by size (like on the desktop app), I could easily find it.
  4. Thanks for the tip. I looked at my latest notes and none of them are large. I typically only put text notes and occasionally one with a screenshot (<500kb). What's odd to me is that this error message is suggesting I added a note from my phone that was this large...the only thing I ever add from my phone is text. I typically would never try to upload an image, video, or anything with substantial content from my phone. I'm using evernote in a GTD method with pretty much just text items. As I scroll through all of my notes with images, none of them are this large. How would it stand out to you? In the iOS interface, all I see is a small thumbnail when something contains an image. Other than that, I would still have to go in and check the size of it.
  5. This is on an iOS device. It will not sync a specific note because of it's size. Not possible to do on a PC.
  6. I received the following message in Evernote (on iOS 13.1.2) I want to determine which note(s) is causing this message to pop up so I can remove it or figure out a different solution. How do I determine which notes are larger than 50 MB? I don't see any way on iOS to determine the size notes except by opening each one individually and clicking the i button in the corner for information. I'd hate to have to search through hundreds of notes.
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