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  1. As onenote is free with office, I have been using it for more than 10 years. I find it lacking in 2 areas: the hierarchy is not interoperable, e.g. you cant promote a sub directory of notes into a tab and visa versa, and also that when you add something at the top of an existing note, it appears on top of what was underneath (making it unreadable), rather than move the existing content down (like word or the excellent, but prohibitively expensive, notion.so does). I tried evernote about 5 years ago and didnt like it, so I thought I'd come back and see if was any different. I was pretty shocked that there is no real way to organise notes. I have thousands of notes in 3 main notebooks. To have say 300 notes, all at the same level in a notebook is untenable. The only app I can find which supports a proper re-organisable, unlimited depth hierarchy of notes is omni outliner. Omni outliner is absolutely perfect, but only supports mac platforms, and I need something I can use on web, mac or pc. I hope that one day, evernote adds proper hierarchical note organisation, and creates the worlds first usable (for high numbers of structured notes) cross platform note taking and organising app.
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