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  1. ...below is a screenshot of my view of Evernote if compared to the Windows view i posted above can see they are completely different, it's very basic Is that because it's not upgraded or i'm missing something?
  2. Okay, i see i don't have an Evernote email because that's an upgrade. Is there any chance of trying the upgrade out for a month first? Windows has a slightly different view? My view on Mac, looks very basic compared with the windows version i posted above... I'd post a screenshot but the option is not working
  3. Another question (they keep coming) where do i find my evernote email address?? Was told to look in Tools but no tools on Desktop version........
  4. I'm following a tutorial on how to use Evernote. Their homepage is.... Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 12.35.44.zip
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