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  1. Thanks - am on Mac so don't have an easy import folder option. I like how the webclip version gives the option of notebook/tag, and wish this applied to other import methods as well, but i doesn't take long to open EN and add afterwards.
  2. Hello Forum. I'm looking for some help on how to add TAGS. If i get an email attachment or download something that is a word document, I think 'great I'll add that to evernote', but I can't work out how to do this AND tag at the same time. My options to get into EN are Print PDF, download and drag into EN, but neither of these let me add a TAG? I know I can email into EN and add TAG to subject line, but I'm looking for some more flexibilty/options, once I've opened the document. ANy suggestions? Thanks
  3. Thanks - I want to leave the original PDFs where they were as well. I think I might be asking too much of the two software programmes and Mac OS....
  4. Thanks - I really appreciate the help I get on the EN forum.
  5. Thanks - I can see the links - but don't know where to put the applescript text.
  6. How do I use applescript to make a folder that will add pdfs to EN? (Mac) I use 'Papers' app for searching for research papers, I now have over 2000. They are in various folders/sub folders, which I can see in finder. I'd like to be able to add all these, and future PDFs inported into Papers, into EN. I'm not confident how to use applescript, I can see how to open the folder actions, and I can see the applescript text, but I'm looking for some help to know what to cut and paste, and where.
  7. Thanks for all the help, I've also discovered that I can 'drag' the pdf 'attached' to the EN note to the 'Papers' app in the dock, which then imports it. This means I can search and store in EN, and read and cite in Papers. Thanks superguru - I meant 'sharing' with other apps, not other users, but I will also think about how to use the sharing function too.
  8. I really need to be able to extract (or at least find) some of the PDFs I have put into evernote, so I can share them with another application (Papers) so that I can cite them in research papers. I know EN doesn't encourage this, but I really need to be able to do this, otherwise I'm going to have to find another app/software. Thanks Ian
  9. I'm a mac/desktop app EN user. If I do a search in chrome, the EN box pops up, but with no content, I've rebuilt index. If I do a search in safari, the EN box doesn't appear at all..
  10. The option key hold before clincking help isn't obvious! - it seems to open a lot of hidden menus in Macs...
  11. This doesn't work for me - SIRI asks which list. I can create a note but not a reminder.... I'd really like to be able to get this to work...
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