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  1. Thank you it has been an absolute pleasure using your Evernote Plus price tier, however as long as I am able to renew it I will use it only as a casual user on the Evernote Plus price tier. I thought rather than use the free basic I would pay you a reasonable fee as I am fair minded and I was nudged along when Evernote reduced the number of devices. However your Premium feature set is overkill for me in particular, in other words it’s an extreme over reach the effect of this is customer isolation meaning I am using an app that no longer aimed at my use case and is a completely different/seperate Aplication I will never use it professionally, I just wanted an option outside the 3 big conglomerates Google, Apple and Microsoft that I could turn to, however unpopular I am with you on your Plus tier price plan the fact is I don’t need to be on Evernote, however when i stop so will 30 plus others because they use what i do. If you follow the logic less options means less chooser.. By the way Plus is only unpopular because you pay Apple or Google approximately 30% if you offered your renewals by email you could allow an extra 10% to your profit margin!
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