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  1. When you use this keyboard shortcut, the picture save in "a new note". Is it right? I know what you say and use it but my problem is that during writing a note in evernote I need take a screenshot just like this in Mac version.
  2. Thanks for your reply When I'm writing a note and I want to take a screenshot, there is no key for taking it and directly add it in my existing note. Could you help me?
  3. Hi When I take note and I need to take some screenshots, there is no key in the editing toolbar for my need. I should use the key "New Screenshot Note" and replace it to my note for any screenshot. Thanks
  4. Thanks Could I ask you a question? How can I search for a note from multiple operators such as "intitle:supply chain" and "tag:material flow" simultaneously?
  5. I posted the screenshot When I delete the late column empty, it appears again
  6. Hello I have a technical issue Could you help me solve it? "How to delete the additional column created by software (XP version)?". When I delete it, Another column appears again.
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