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  1. I cannot believe I'm even needing to take to a forum to get answers for something that should be easy to figure out. So, I have created a note for event planning with some friends, also evernote users. When trying to send via WorkChat (which seems to only be available on the webpage, not the ioS app??) it gives me a red error message that just says "we can't send your invite right now, please try again later" I forwarded the link to her via iMessage. Her only options when opening the note were to "duplicate" Can someone actually advise what the steps are to share properly please? The website instructions say "you can share" but it doesn't lay out HOW THIS WORKS I EXPECT that once I share a note, it would appear in my notes/the sharees notes for easy access/editing/etc. But this doesn't seem to be the case? I also saw in some other forums that if you share via Work Chat the note only shows in workchat, it doesn't actually bring it into your home screen. Does this mean you'd need to keep checking back to see if/when something has been updated? Yikes! Any assistance would be hugely appreciated.
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