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  1. I finally found something that could partially help to solve the situation that there's no native support of markdown in Evernote. I personally love the UI and convenience for note-taking in Evernote, and have tried several other Markdown editors. However, I'm still waiting for evernote to publish their version of support of markdown. Surprisingly, I finally find something online that could solve this situation. A software called Marxico, yes, it spells so much like Mexico, can be used to generate and view markdown code, and it can transfer the generated file as read-only mode or editable to Evernote. First of all, I'm not part of development team or any relationship to Marxico, I'm only a graduate student in US. So, I'm still trying this software, but it looks pretty nice so far. Although it's not recommended to transfer the editable file to evernote, I haven't found any bug yet; after all, you could write md code and edit it in Marxico and sync to evernote. However, the only problem, well as a student, is the cost. Yes, it cost extra money for the software. But, I think the price is reasonable. I downloaded it today and check the price is around $16 for a year. Well, although I personally do not want to pay any penny on commercial software if other open source alternative is available, the features of Marxico is astonishing and filling the 'last' piece of Evernote. If anyone have any other alternative component of evernote that provides capability of Markdown, I'm still open to suggestion. e.g., I also like Bear for markdown, but as an engineering students, whose notes containing full of formulas, I don't know why bear does not even have the capability to write formulas!!!!
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