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  1. Hi guys,

    As an engineer and an user of Evernote, I also face the same problem.

    Therefore, I built an Evernote editor toolbox, EverTool, to solve it. 
    Now you just need one click to transform ALL spreadsheet cells to Evernote table. (PLUS beautify it)

    Here is the step:

    Copy the cells in the Excel → Click transform table action in EverTool → Paste it to Evernote table   

    Know more how it works by the demo video: 



    It works on both Mac and Windows. Moreover, it supports Excel, Google spreadsheets and Mac Numbers.

    If you are interested in EverTool, check out the homepage
    Homepage: https://evertool.app/


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  2. Hi guys,

    I think you can give EverTool a try. EverTool is a Markdown supported and text style manager for Evernote.

    It's an isolated app, so you can keep the original usage of Evernote but with beautiful text style features.

    Main features:

    • All in one customized text style management
    • ## Markdown syntax supported
    • Beautiful code highlight
    • Resize images to the same width
    • Multi highlight colors, and fancy banner style
    • Shortcut supported


    If you want to give it a try, reference homepage to know more ?https://evertool.app

    Any feedback and suggestion is welcome ?


    Here is another discussion in integration board: 


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  3. Hi, I am the developer of EverTool.

    Thanks for Rob’s great post. This post interprets all the features I want to provide to users. 
    About the Fifth point, I am glad you find this little surprise! Yes, it works globally. Therefore, EverTool can transform the text style in every full-text editor, like Word, Gmail, etc..

    Right now, I am working hard to make EverTool easier to use and provide as many features as possible.
    For example, in the next version you can resize all the images in Evernote to the same width in one click.

    Windows 7 is always in my plan. I hope I can support it asap.

    I am glad EverTool can help people enhance the productivity. Any feedback and suggestion are welcome ?


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  4. Hey guys,

    I also hope switching text can be more straightforward. Therefore, I develop EverTool - an Evernote text style manager.

    Here are the features of EverTool:

    • All in one customized text style management
    • ## Markdown syntax supported
    • Beautiful code highlight
    • Multi highlight colors, and fancy banner style
    • Shortcut supported

    How to use?

    Only three steps:

    Copy/Cut the text -> Click one of the theme in EverTool -> Paste


    ?If you are a shortcut lover, it would be quicker. ?

    Copy/Cut the text -> Press the shortcut -> Paste



    With EverTool, You don’t need to open other editors like MS Word to copy the text style to Evernote.

    And of course, you can define your customized text style ???



    And more, it presents well on mobile app.




    Hope this desktop app can solve the problem ! 

    Any suggestion or feedback is welcome ?


    You can download this app on Mac app store and Windows store.

    Download Link ?EverTool website: https://evertool.app

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  5. Hi @Frank.dg , @realistdreamer

    Lots of Evernote user require the colorful background. To solve this problem, I built a desktop app EverTool.

    EverTool is an all in one Evernote editor helper.


    • All in one customized text style management
    • Markdown syntax supported
    • Beautiful code highlight
    • Multi highlight colors, and fancy banner style
    • Shortcut supported

    For example, if you want to create a colorful background, just one click and it will do the trick.


    You don't need to write the code, and you can finish all the tasks in original Evernote app.

    Hope it help you!

    EverTool website: https://evertool.app

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