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  1. I use both mac/windows. what kind of script are you talking about? I realize that the simplest suggestion would be to use the tag itself as a hashing key or notebook. but then like you mentioned, there are benefits in organizing notes in specific notebooks (i think of it as folders). I use hazel on my mac to tag and organize/move files (particularly downloaded files ) to specific folders based on the tag. I'm essentially looking for some similar mechanism for notes.
  2. I have been using evernote premium for about 5 years now. Over the years, number of tags & notebooks have only been increasing and organizing notes has become a pain & i'm looking for better ways. In terms of workflow, every time a user creates a note, he/she can add a tag to it and move it to a specific notebook. Instead of this workflow, is it possible to associate a default tag with a notebook and organize/move any newly created note with that specific tag into the associated notebook automatically? In this case, workflow for the user would be - create a note & add a tag. User does not have to explicitly move the note to any notebook.
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