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  1. Unfortunately, that does not work on the Chinese font, typing shortcuts only give you an English font selection which is not very suitable for my circumstance, 95% of the time I use font selection is to change a different font weight but another font which is also an urgently needed function that Evernote doesn't support yet, but thanks anyway.
  2. Actually, I did change my default font to the Chinese version of Source Han Sans which is an open source font by Adobe, because I have to deal with both Chinese and English articles all the time, so I need a font that can support both languages and well designed. there many good English fonts that support very poorly on Chinese font library or vice versa.
  3. When I need to change my font, especially for most of the time I need a Chinese font, I have to scroll all the way down to select one, and there no such thing like 'commonly used type' on top like Adobe Photoshop does, or it has the function? I put a screenshot on below, it's Evernote newest version on PC.
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