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  1. Same destination and source directories on both systems. Only one drive on each (C:, non-partitioned) laptop, source can be Documents folder to Attachments folder on both which are just adjacent directories in the Users folder structure. So good idea, but doesn't appear to be the case.
  2. I have two laptops, have had them both for several years, and have had Evernote Windows Desktop App loaded on both for years. Regularly update versions, and this issue has gone on since day 1. Both are Windows 10. Both laptops have Explorer Context Menu options for "Send to Evernote". However, the functionality is different and it is driving me bonkers. On one laptop, when executing the menu option, the file will move to Evernote. On the other laptop, the file only copies to Evernote. i.e. On one, the file deletes from the current explorer location, on the other it stays there. I would really like both to use the move option as it saves me time, steps, and memory to go back and delete the file after it has been sucked into Evernote. Help Please!
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