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  1. I am running Safari 12.0.1 and High Sierra, I had a lot of problems with the clipper and could finally reinstall it after finding a correct link here. It still does not work properly, and seems to be dependent on the site that you are trying to clip and what you are trying to clip. for example, it will allow you to clip the bookmark on some sites (like this one) but not others. On some sites, it will properly clip the article, but not the bookmark, etc. I do not feel like spending the next few hours testing all possible combinations on a variety of sites, so please excuse me for not doing a better job as Evernote's QA department. I have tried allowing cross-site tracking (against my better judgement) but it made no difference. This bug is extremely annoying to the point of taking away a big part of the usefulness of the app. I already regret having taken the annual subscription and will most likely not renew it. Too bad, it looked like a good product for a little while.
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