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  1. Nursejenny79

    How do I add a todo from IFTTT

    I forgot that Workflow is an IOS app. Maybe android has a similar app that also works with Evernote (& IFTTT for scheduling) if you are using an Android?
  2. Nursejenny79

    How do I add a todo from IFTTT

    I know you specifically asked about IFTTT but, since it’s not possible, I thought I would mention that it IS possible with Workflows in a roundabout way. Create the note that you want in Evernote (with the checkboxes). This will become your template. Then create a workflow that copies that note & gives it a new title. I did it by creating a 4-step workflow: 1) Get Notes (Evernote), 2) Copy to Clipboard, 3) Get Clipboard & 4) Create New Note (Evernote). I tested it & it DOES carry over the checkboxes!! I hope that helps! If you want to schedule it, use IFTTT to schedule your workflow. Once you set it up, there’s nothing left for you to do manually.