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  1. Agreed. Please update this, Evernote. GoldenToy's suggestion of having a total recap note that autofills as you annotate would be awesome.
  2. That's what I've been doing. However, Evernote does not then show the "Annotation Summary" since it was not annotated within Evernote. Why are the editing features on Evernote so basic?
  3. Is there a way to bulk-highlight text in a PDF? I can do it line by line, but this takes forever, even with the "Shift" to highlight a straight line. I'm trying to highlight a whole paragraph, but when in "Annotate Mode" it does not allow you to select a line with your cursor, only annotate with the tools provided. I've searched all over the internet and could not figure this out. It seems that this is not a feature, but please prove me wrong. It's annoying that I have to use a second program to annotate my PDFs then import them into Evernote, as having annotated PDFs with previews is the main
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