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  1. On 6/29/2018 at 2:01 PM, Don Dz said:

    If I understand your request, if you click on the note list, that gives you one view of a note, then if you right click on the same note and click open note, you get a second window of the same note.

    Is that what you meant?  You can get the second windows also with Ctrl-Enter

    Yes; at one point I could open up multiple windows of the same note, I think that has been removed; I can no longer do that on current release(  trying to bring up a 2nd window just brings you back to the first

    On 6/30/2018 at 7:21 AM, gustavgi said:

    You can have the same note displayed in the Note Panel as well as in a new window, side by side. However be careful when editing in both windows, as a quick change in one window without letting it update in the other window could cause conflicts.

    That works for me!  Unfortunately the note panel view resets to the top occasionally. I'm wondering if this is the periodic refresh you were referring to. 

    But this is better than nothing.

    On 6/30/2018 at 2:36 PM, Liam Gretton said:

    You can edit in one window and keep a view in the main one (or vice versa), but while editing in one, the other will get its view reset every few seconds back to the top. So you're fine if your note happens to fit in a window with no scrolling, buggered otherwise.

    Definitely doesn't fit in a window.  I have a lot of bulleted lists and thoughts, last week's note was 325 lines. :)

    On 7/1/2018 at 1:37 PM, Eldorado said:
    > @Christophh Now you are thinking "just keep a separate to-do note!" ...
    Yes, of course ?. From my point of view, EN offers much better ToDo-list functionality by using tags! I've summarized my way in  Using tags to implement dynamic ToDo lists in forum "Productivity" where you also can find some other (similar) descriptions.

    Now that is interesting.  I like the idea of filtering on tags and moving states based on tags.  I will have to test that one week when i have a few extra cycles...


    Thanks everyone for your great feedback!

  2. Hi.

    Been using Evernote to keep track of my work life (and for a job search too!) and found it incredibly awesome.  Thanks for a good product.  I use mostly on Win10 but refer to notes frequently on mobile.  My current workflow is to have one note a week; a to-do list at the top with checkboxes.  Daily notes on the week follow, which tend to be lengthy. 

    I would love the ability to have 2 windows open for the same note; that way I can edit my to-do list while reviewing the daily notes.  Now you are thinking "just keep a separate to-do note!"  I actually copy the to do list between weekly notes; this gives me a history of what I have added, removed, and completed for the week.  Very handy! I tried having separate notes for the to-do list and daily notes, but this got unmanageable quickly.

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