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  1. We are going to save the correspondences in Evernote and attach them as a file. Each correspondence is one note. We will have  two notebooks. One for incoming correspondences and another one for outgoing correspondences.


    However, a colleague of mine just pointed out that we can do this with MS OneNote for which we already have licences and one drive.  So, I will check One Note.


    Thanks a lot.

  2. Thanks for responding. I´ve tried importing all types of extensions provided in AZZ cardfile, but it is not accepted. I am not an IT person, but I have thousands of notes in my card file and would be really good to be able to export them instead of cutting and pasting one by one in Evernote... Aff.... The txt file converts all notes into one Word file separated by their titles, but this is not what I wanted.


    But thanks anyhow. 



  3. Dear all, I´ve been using azz Card File for too many years. I am  migrating to Evernote, however, I have thousands of notes in my azz card file. Does any one out there who would happen to know how I can export may notes from Azz card file to Evernote? Would really appreciate this support. Thank you.

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