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  1. I'm supposed to have a 50MB limit for my account. Not sure what other limits there are. This is only day two of the month! How do I contact support to look into this. Why won't they get back soon?
  2. Thanks for replying. The doc you refer to says that with Plus accounts (which I have): Note size: 50 MB, not 5MB. These days 5MB isn't much.
  3. I'm getting this error message as I try to sync. I know I've created bigger notes than this in the past.
  4. Yes. I tried it. A complete mess. The images are not saved in any coherent way. And the ones that are blank icons in my document are not in there. There's no conflicting changes document, either. I hoped I could copy/paste out of that if one was there. If this happens to me, it's got to have happened to others. Is there no "history" in Evernote?
  5. I opened a note I was working on yesterday. One that has about 20 images in it. Today all I see is broken image icons. This is very frustrating and has happened before. Why does Evernote lose images?! These are images that were there before and for days though many cycles of syncing.
  6. Well, that may work in some cases... but I have a long list that I add new items to the bottom of. Still think this is a common use case and there should be a way to jump easily to the bottom of the entry field.
  7. Thanks @guru it would be great.... if notes are long that tiny iOS scroll bar on my iPhone is not very usable.
  8. This has been bugging me since I started with Evernote.... On my iPhone, if I open a long note (and yes, some notes are long), the only way I've found to get to the bottom and type new information is grabbing the scroll bar and dragging it.... forever. I have Googled about this and I'm surprised to not have found a solution yet. Is it possible there is no way to have focus be at the bottom of notes when I open them? It's really tedious to have to embark on a scroll adventure each time I want to add a new item to my note! Personally, I think that should be the default behaviour, but if not, at least create a setting or a viable shortcut on mobile devices.
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