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  1. That’s basically what i planned to do with Nevo but i’ve found i don’t have time to convert every single note. SURELY Evernote can just make handwriting an option??? Surely!!
  2. Oooo. No i haven’t, thank you. Does it convert writing to text do you know?
  3. Hi! I am a HUGE Evernote user and major advocate (I regularly spend time telling anyone who will listen why they need to throw away their notebooks and get on Evernote ASAP). I take all my notes in Evernote but typing in meetings is not ideal, mainly because the lid of the Macbook acts as a kind of barrier, plus people don't know what you're doing. I now use an iPad and Apple Pencil which is a game changer, but unfortunately I have to use Nebo because I can't do handwriting on Evernote. So I have to flip between the two programs which is less than ideal. If you could make this happen, I could delete Nebo and life would be almost perfect :)
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