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  1. Can be challenging to get the Stack list sorted to view the same across desktop, web, and Android access. Found the Web didn't sort the same way the Windows /MAC app does. Here's what is currently showing consistent sorting across all platforms so far. Places the inbox at the top, then a numerical section, and then finally an Alpha section. *** Stack names ._0[Inbox] ._1[Numerical section 1-x] A-[Alpha section A-Z] W.
  2. Wondering if there's an option I'm missing or a term I haven't found while searching here in the forums. When I select a note in one notebook, and then jump around to other notebooks, when I return to the original notebook, the position always starts over at the top. This is frustrating for notebooks with many notes. I use Onenote more frequently, but have recently returned to Evernote for work and Onenote does this. Thjanks, W.
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