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  1. Howdy all, just today a rather nasty bug started popping up for me. The copy command sometimes stops working and the only way to fix it is to shut down Evernote and restart it. Obviously, this is less than ideal. The weird thing is, the paste command works just fine. It's only the copy command, whether using command-c, or through the menus. Does anybody have any insight as to what might be happening?
  2. The option key worked great. But I tried copying into both Chrome and Safari and it just forces it to open in the Evernote app which doesn't allow me to make a bookmark onto the desktop. Is there a way to manually create a shortcut on the desktop using the classic link?
  3. Perhaps I'm doing it wrong, but mine says only "Make Note Link"; not "Make Classic Note Link". I click that, but if I paste it into a browser it takes me to the web app and I would like to have it open in the actual MacOS native app. But I don't know of a way to make an actual alias using that shortcut that I copied. The only way I know how to make aliases is by right clicking on a file and click "Make Alias".
  4. Howdy all, I've been using Evernote for quite a few years but I'm new to the forums. I have a Mac Mini, running High Sierra and I would like to have a specific note open in a new window automatically whenever I launch Evernote. Is this possible? I did assign a keyboard shortcut to open the current in a new window but I still have to navigate to that note first. There is a specific note that I use everyday for work and would like for it to open automatically when Keyboard Maestro launches Evernote and my other apps each morning at 7:30. I've exhausted my Google-fu and haven't had any success! Thanks in advance. -Chris
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