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  1. Yeah, thanks PinkElephant. ;-) It's working. Again. I did contact support. They are great. They are looking in the log for what's causing the prob. I did everything: checked to make sure 3rd party cookies weren't blocked and that Evernote was whitelisted; disabled AdBlocker (don't use Ghostery); reset the cookies, then cleared and refreshed the cache; uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote web clipper's Chrome Extension. But.. you know... it's a lot to go through! LOL! Over and over! But yeah, I do use it all day, every day, so I'd love for it to keep functioning the way it's so often seamless and useful (or figure out what causes this prob - so I can just tweak it if/when it happens again). THANK YOU!
  2. Not working again... for a couple months. ;-/ ARGH! Now I get the spinning wheel of death when I try to do ANYthing on my Evernote Desktop. No saving even normal clips! Or tagging or sorting - anything What gives?! Really close to just giving up on the software and trying something else. AGAIN.
  3. I just tried it and it seems to be working again for me. Not sure what changed or why it's working again (Evernote upgrade?). I'm on a MacBookPro (Mojave 10.14.6) using Chrome (79.0.3945.88) as a browser at the moment. The screenshot, annotation, remarks - everything working. YAY!
  4. Me, too! I love to do screen grabs of new words I look up - tagged with "new words" and the year. Makes for an interesting retrospective. But I don't need the rest of the irrelevant Google search - just the new word and its definition. This used to work fine. Now I get maybe the top left (? I'll pay attention next time). but certainly - not what I grabbed - just an erroneous chunk. I uninstalled the EN GC extension, rebooted, downloaded the latest and greatest, reinstalled and - WHAM! Same dealio. No change. Very anticlimactic. And super frustrating cause that was a nice, EASY little daily edification that I won't do if I have to jerry rig a daisy chain of workarounds. I'll never find. sort, organize or revisit those clips again if not for the easy breezy EN ease. NOTE: SOMETIMES I add a note as to why I looked the word up or its relevance to a tagged project but I only annotate about half the time - and it happens 100% of the time. On macOS Mojave 10.14.2 Google Chrome is up to date: Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) P&TYia!
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