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  1. Aloha guys, so problem is, I wanted to check out if Evernote business is usefull for me, but it's not. Now i stuck on Evernote Business und have no Idea to get back to Premium. I already canceled the business payment. But now I stuck on the Business layout and can't move back to my full Premium Notebooks. I found that I should call support, but as soon I click on that button I get logged out. (I thought this problem is fixed, as I had this problem about a year ago). Hopefully some Evernote-Employee is going to help me here. have a good day.
  2. Hey just hang on this thread, cause this gets close to my problem: I struggle to merch my account from business back to premium. I found that I should contact support for switching directly back to premium, but as soon as I press the contact button it is going to log me out, so i can not send a message to anyone on Evernote, someone here who can contact me?
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