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  1. Boy is my face red. I have a ScanSnap ix500 scanner (instead of the Evernote-branded one) because of its additional capabilities. What I hadn't noted was that it came with ABBY OCR capability. All I have to do is to open a file in this included software and . . . . voila . . . . I can output in rtf, word or excel format. It is fast and works. With a pdf OCRed by ABBY, I can copy whatever I need to copy. I am adding this just in case somebody else has the same problem (and hasn't checked included software). In my defense (?), no manual was included so I simply forgot I had it. Moral: don't conclude that included software isn't of interest; look at it! LeslieTNT
  2. I just discovered that Adobe Acrobat Reader will do what I want. I tested two examples of scanned documents and, voila, small amounts of text copied with no difficulty. Now, if Reader will be more stable on my Mac than Preview, I'm in business. With multiple crashes per day, I'm sick of Preview!! PDFExpert plans the OCR ability soon. I understand it is much faster on rendering than Preview so will keep my eye on it as a possibility. Thanks for responding on a Saturday! LeslieTNT
  3. I've scanned and uploaded over 20 years of personal research notes. Then, I discovered that I cannot copy selected content from this un-copyrighted content. I'm afraid I've made a horrible mistake. Whereas it isn't often I need to copy a paragraph here and there, it does happen. I've also discovered that because my content was scanned, even PDFExpert cannot copy text because the pdf is now "flat." I really do not understand. Whereas I can understand the prohibition of copying copyrighted material, my personal notes and material NOT under copyright should be able to be copied. I use a Mac, but cannot use Preview to do this either (I have backups of all content loaded into Evernote). Preview running on Yosemite OS is practically unusable on anything longer than a couple of pages. It takes forever to render ever a single page and crashes my Mac if I try to render anything larger that 50+ pages. That's partly why I investigated purchasing PDFExpert. Does anyone have a suggestion? Regards, Leslie TNT
  4. Yes, it came with my ScanSnap ix500 and is VERY handy, especially for documents with a problem (a seriously folded corner, etc.) which refuse to go through the scanner. It is also good for small clippings, etc. which would won't go through. I didn't think I'd use it much, but I was definitely wrong in this. My husband quibbled about another scanner (we also have a flatbed), but I've used the ix500 almost every day. I usually scan directly onto my desktop where I can use Preview if there are changes I need to make on the scan. I used to scan directly into Evernote, but found this method works better for me. LeslieTNT
  5. Here's how you do this: put the calendar pages back to back inside the transparent carrier sheet, with the initial page face down of course. This will properly align the calendar so that the pages are not only side by side, but the weeks of the month line up. Granted it will be slow going, but worth it to me. LeslieTNT
  6. Okay, this turned out to be a real pain. I had to drag the thumbnail from my Mac desktop to the Evernote Table, but there's no way for the rows to be even. I've tried multiple times and, officially, give up on this method. Tomorrow, I'll see if I can use the transparent carrier sheet to do this. Thanks for your help. Incidentally, I really have to struggle to get the formatting toolbar to show for the note. This is annoying, but probably won't use it much. LeslieTNT
  7. Sorry for delay . . . had to leave and then heavy rain slowed me down getting back AND the computer response time down. 1. Format Tables Insert Menu greyed - out as I said. 2. Unable to take screen shot; don't know why. Mac is usually good about this, but trying to do so crashed Evernote. However, eventually, the menu everyone has mentioned suddenly showed up. I tried formatting the note (two pages of a calendar) directly = no joy. I then created a new note, inserted a table, dragged the two pages in and, as usual, I have two vertical pages. Not at all what I need. I'm beginning to think this can't be done which is a big, big issue for me. I'd assumed there was some way to move the scanned pages into position. There's no scanning option on my ScanSnap IS500 to do this, although I may try scanning the pages through the plastic filter back to back. This has produced side-by-side output in the past, but will be horrifically slow going for my purposes. LeslieTNT
  8. I've spent all this time trying to create a table. I do NOT have a grid or insert table icon on my toolbar when I open the Note. I've looked at toolbar choices for customization and it is NOT there. I am running Evernote 12.3 so I should have this capability but I do not. If I try to use the drop-down menu when the Note is opened, all table choices are greyed out. I've spent two forevers looking for help on the internet to no avail. Every single site/blog/post refers to the insert table button or grid which I do NOT have. What now?
  9. Thank you so much for replying. I'll try it and see if it works.
  10. Can some kind soul tell how IF and HOW to scan this type of calendar where the month is divided into two facing pages? I have years of these, all of which contain important information, but the pages face each other. I've tried scanning sample pages, opening them in Preview onmy Mac, and trying to move the second page to join the first, but, of course, this does not work. I've bought two manuals (essentially worthless) which were no help. I've tried Help & Learning = no joy; as well as searched the community forums. I can't be the only person in the world who needs to do this. I'd like to scan the entire year and then manipulate the scans so the pages face each other in their logical placement. Regards, LeslieTNT
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