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  1. Uwe, How is the Evernote 7.3 Beta 1 holding up in Mojave? I have seen some people having crashes after creating new notes in Mojave... Thoughts?

  2. Running Evernote App in IOS 12 Beta 2 with Premium account and Business account still slower than usual with advanced features like audio recording and camera access seeing significant delays. App is otherwise functional. Very disappointed to hear that Evernote app for MacOS is still crashing. I switched back to MacOS High Sierra because of several compatibility issues with apps and Safari issues with certain websites.
  3. I had to revert back to high Sierra... If anyone has any feedback about MacOS 10.14 Mojave BETA 2 please post their results here. Hopefully they have fixed whatever incompatibility that was causing the Evernote App to crash on startup. Thoughts?
  4. Has anyone had any luck with the second beta of Mojave?
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