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  1. Thank you DTLow, I see it now. Needed to switch on the Evernote option. Ta!
  2. Sorry but do you mean I can’t use the web clipper on my iPhone Safari browser? if I can, could you kindly advise how to setup exactly?
  3. Sorry, do you mean that there is no web clipper app for Evernote, and I CANNOT use web clipper on my iPhone's Safari browser? If however I can, could you kindly provide step-by-step instructions? This link is not very unhelpful: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313678-How-to-clip-web-pages-and-content-from-Android-and-iOS-devices?createdate=2018-05-28&em=ecospirit@protonmail.com&flash_digest=1dba6a3020fc79108788a725693eccf17d1af09b&sla=f368c7a8d&uid=189170952&un=ecospirit Thanks in advance!
  4. Arghh, I'm so frustrated. The 'support pages' instructions for installing Evernote web clipper on iOs does not clearly explain how it's done, and it refers to options or items that simply do not come up on my device. Help! How do you install Evernote web clipper on iPhone? I tried the 'Get Web Clipper for Safari' download from my email account on my iOs device, but this did nothing at all, and I suspect I need to find the installation specifically for iOs. Thanks for any advice.
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