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  1. No trick. Evernote team is just working day and night to ensure that you get things fast. ?
  2. Same issue. Please include setting for default font option in Evernote Web as it is in Desktop client.
  3. Evernote has just updated its web interface. I love the sleek and no-nonsense design. This is way better than the previous dull interface. But I am unable to edit my tags in it. Also, I can see only those tags in the list that has some notes in it. I have many other tags that are empty but not visible in this new interface. Also, I do not see the nested feature of the tags. By the way I do not like the nested feature of the windows based tag (it has poor look and feel - is more cluttered). This new web interface is based on Evernote Business Space theme I guess but I need all the missing tag features that is in the previous version of Evernote. Does somebody knows the way out or I have to wait for the feature update (I am not sure if it is in the way).
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