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  1. This has turned into a really good thread! I am going to share with you my first draft of a daily journal. I want some of the prettiness and and yet functionality I have had in my previous Daytimers and Franklin Planners and diaries. Ya'll don't know me so I don't mind sharing ;) I need to learn some of the scripting so I can do some automated stuff. But I like having a picture and title up top. I'm a Jehovah's Witness and I have pasted my morning text into my daily evernote for years. There is probably way to script pulling it from a daily feed. By putting in a simple "
  2. Yet again I am going to try to go paperless. I will likely go to Premium so I can have the app on multiple devices. I am starting to use templates. Does anyone have a cool daily journal template they would like to share that really works for them? Once upon a long long time ago I was a Daytimer user and I used the two page per day with Notes. Would love something like that but with a "pretty" flair to it
  3. I am installing a new version right now which will hopefully get rid of mine.
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