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  1. It's almost 2020 and I still have the same two issues-- Evernote doesn't remember me, and the sign in link is never visible if its at half/ shared/ partial screent. Evernote this has been happening for a while-- any fix?
  2. I have multiple projects and themes in life and I'm finding it a bit challenging to manage all of it. I've been playing with Evernote the last few days it seems great for a lot of things, but there are two issues I'm trying to find a work around for: 1. I'd like to get reminders at 1pm each day for any and all notes I've set up so that all at once I can see what I need to work on in the allotted time. Can I get reminders in some sort of digest manner, or are they just singular and separate emails? 2. Often, there are multiple reminders for a single note: IE, I have a note for Payroll for all the dates I need to run it...I don't know how to receive these reminders without have 52 separate notes for each week. Or perhaps there is a way to set up a "task" or "reminder" for items that are not attached to a note at all? Thank you!
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