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  1. I claim that your argument in favor of the Wrong Created Date Feature is not equal because it makes the date that the note was created the wrong date. Perhaps there should be an Original Created Date field for storing the original date when Duplicate Note is used. "Duplication Date"? The reason this is a problem is because if you duplicate a note and then modify it, there is no way to tell when the duplication was performed because the Modified Date has been updated.
  2. Evernote version: 7.2.1 macOS version: 10.13.5 After version upgrade to 7.2.1 today, when I use Duplicate Note, the Created Date on the new note is the same as the created date on the note from which it was duplicated. This is new behavior in this version, and undesirable. The new note was not created on a prior date, it was created on the day that Duplicate Note was used.
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