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  1. Thanks for responses. Although it's not good that we're experiencing this issue, it's comforting to know that it would indeed seem to be a genuine bug and it's not just a weird problem that I'm having. I just hope that the guys at EN are aware of it and working to resolve. I'm not paid member so I can't send bug report direct to them.
  2. I'm a long time evernote (free) user. I need to collaborate with someone on a project and decided evernote would be a good platform to do it. But we've run into a problem before we've even got started. When setting up our shared notebooks we soon discovered that any note created by either of us on an ANDROID device in a notebook (created by either of us and shared with editing permissions) does not sync to the evernote servers. I can create a note outside the shared notebook and share that note with my partner and all works as expected – the note syncs and the other person can edit t
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