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  1. I am currently using Win 10 with Google Chrome. Might need to do some clearing of data/cache.
  2. Hi, I have been trying to clip youtube videos to add to my windows Evernote application, however, getting an issue with the clipping of the Youtube image. Please see the picture attached. Anyone else getting this issue or know of a bug/fix? Thanks, Zachariah
  3. Hi everyone, Just joined Evernote forums, but have been using the service for a while for business and personal. Evernote on my android tablet is a must for my day-to-day work life. However, I have one problem, I cannot edit tables (add/remove rows/columns), I can only edit text already in a table. Does anyone know if this will be an upcoming feature, or for current support for tables on android? Cheers, Zachariah
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