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  1. Get a blank note when I try to open (originally only some but now all!) notes in separate window, either by double clicking the note, or selecting "Open in new window". Restarting EN does not help. Note shows OK in main window. See attached for an example. Neither resizing nor Zooming fixes.the problem -- note in new window stays blank. So now I can't have several EN windows open simultaneously -- this makes EN a real hassle to use! There are other problems that I'll report separately. I've been a Premium and very happy user for several years, and I've worked as a software engineer
  2. I was having trouble with the last column of a table not having the text wrap as it should. And often I couldn't make the table wider -- the marker to resize on the right wouldn't appear, and it would be darker than the usual column boundary. It's been a pain for a while until I found a workaround. The problem is easily duplicated: create a 2x2 table in a new note put some long text in there that needs wrapping, especially in column 2 shrink the window's width past the right edge of the table. The table will retreat in size leaving a margin on the right and a darker edge
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