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  1. Someone shared some notes and notebooks with me, and I was able to access them via the "Shared with me" menu option on the latest web browser. The notebook owner has now taken way the share, but I am still seeing the shares listed under "Shared with Me". When I click on them, I see a red warning label "You no longer have access to this notebook" or "You no longer have access to this note". I have tried logging in and out, and refreshing the browser, but the old shares still show. Not a security issue, but I would like to see them disappear.
  2. The filtered by notebook tags facility is available on the Apple version (Mac, iPad and iPhone) and the Windows App. It is missing on the Browser version (including the new Beta) and missing from the Android version. It would be nice to have the feature across all the platforms.
  3. So it does! It is also available on the Windows App, but not Android or the Web browser (Beta version). The Beta web browser shows the tag within the notebook, but still lists all tags.
  4. All we have at the moment is a "Show all tags", what we really need is a view like "Show all tags in Notebook A". All tags: [Crab paste] [Apple] [Peanut butter] [Banana] [Pear] Fruit notebook: [Apple] [Banana] [Pear] Sandwich filling notebook: [Crab paste] [Peanut butter] [Banana] It is not necessary to define notebook-specific tags as some of the previous posts indicated, no extra work is required for the recording of tags. We just need a filter on the tag display page to allow the viewing of a specific notebook.
  5. To help future people searching for Evernote appending. Lesson 1: Have a note in place ready to accept the incoming messages for appending. I did not have a note already in place to append to, so my trigger created a new note. This is not a problem except that I had three triggers within seconds of each other. When my second and third triggers fired, the Note had not yet been created, therefore Evernote created new notes for these too. A few days on, my triggers are now happily appending to my single Evernote. Lesson 2: Having liaised with another service provider, I am a bit more aware of the role of Evernote. My understanding - Evernote provide (and support) the specific services available to IFTTT - currently two triggers (New note in a notebook, Add a specific tag to note) and six actions (Create a note, Append to note, Append a to-do note, Create a link note, Create image note from URL, Create an audio note from URL). IFTTT are responsible for implementing the services correctly when they create their interface to the service. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to establish which side a problem may be.
  6. I am here with the same problem. My IFTTT triggered 3 times, and I ended up with 3 individual notes with all the same title. I also want to ask, who is ultimately responsible for the IFTTT/Evernote interface? Is it IFTTT or Evernote?
  7. +1 I access my notes on a tablet whilst on a train, many times I have accidentally inserted/deleted/moved/lost formatting as the train bumps along. Yes, we have the history but that is not a quick click to restore an earlier version - That would be an alternative feature - the ability to restore an earlier version without any kerfuffle. I also discovered that the versioning is not 100% reliable - The versioning is not a record of edits, they are snapshots taken at random intervals. The earliest version of my document was the initial webclip plus my accidental edit, i.e. the snapshot was taken too late for me.
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