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  1. yeah I tried that as well. But only the images that can be seen are getting saved but not rests.
  2. Why images in the notes are not getting loaded??? Re-downloaded the whole database. But all in vain. This is happening in multiple notes. What to do?
  3. I made a note but after some time I found that there are 2 conflicting notes with respect to that note. Should I delete them? What to do?
  4. Yes. You are the first person to understand my problem. And exactly, an option for fixed or dynamic width columns would have been great. ☹️
  5. Will version change allow me to do so? For example, say, premium.
  6. It is necessary many times to write on my notes in chemical terms or equations. This feature is not available now, however, wouldn't it be great?
  7. After updating yesterday, I am facing the table problem again. Can I make tables permanent as earlier?
  8. It seems that your databased on the desktop has corrupted. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/103784-not-responding-message-when-syncing-or-writing-notes/
  9. How to make the tables stable so that I can see the note completely during split screen in Windows 10? As you can see in the following image that I have to use the slider to see the complete note from left to right or vice versa.
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