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  1. I have a question regarding Searching using Emojis... Six months ago I could search using an Emoji as the "Keyword"... My Notebooks are set up with each Note beginning with an Emoji to code it for easy Reference... Particularly my Grocery Shopping Lists! Lately however, I cannot Search a Notebook using an Emoji -- The whole list of Notes in my Notebook pops up!! The Search only works in "ALL NOTES" ... Which is okay, but then I must search through.perhaps a dozen responses to that Emoji Search. Is there something wrong with my Evernote setup, or are others having this challenge now too? The troubles began when I began to Share a few Notebooks with my business partner. I have found that sharing somehow corrupts my Notebook... Even in Searching with a Keyword in English. So, I redid all my notes in the Shared Notebook hoping that would fix the problem with Searches using English. It fixed my Notebook so that I could search using English words -- but I still cannot use Emojis to Search like I once did! What can I do? Does Upgrading to Premium fix it so I can Search using Emojis? Thanks, JB

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