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  1. Yes, just to clarify, I was using the web version when I was having trouble with select all. I can do it with the app. Thanks!
  2. The app on my computer is 7.1.1. I don't seem to have a menu with edit on mine. Update: OK I was playing around with the app on my laptop and I changed the view to CARD VIEW instead of Expanded Card view (which I normally have). and suddenly I'm able to select all AND the option to create a table of contents. That needs to written into the online instructions. Step One - make sure you're in CARD VIEW Thanks for your help. By getting me to search for the edit button, I inadvertently solved the problem.
  3. I have a two part problem. 1. How can I select ALL notes in a notebook in order to create a Table of Contents? Right now it seems I must command click each note (and I have over 200 so that is annoying - I'd like to drag/select or select all). 2. When I do select some notes, the Create a Table of Contents option isn't showing up. It only gives me the option to "Copy Note Links to Clipboard". See screenshot. I am using the evernote app, have a basic account (free) , on a Mac, Safari 11.1 I've also tried on Chrome. I've made a TOC before so I know it's possible. Or at least it used to be. Thanks, Barb
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