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  1. Probably not a panacea, but I found a workaround - at least for the use case I most commonly encounter with this bug. Firstly, I'm on version " (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829)". Secondly, the issue I encountered is loss of focus when ALT-TABing between an Evernote note and another window. As it turned out, I found this was happening only when I had a search term in the "Search notes" field. Removing the search term eliminated the focus problem. Adding a search term back in the Search field caused the problem to reappear. Sounds like there are likely other use cases that have a similar issue, but for me, this is the most common and the above workaround should suffice until the underlying bug is addressed. Hope this helps some others too, as it's a nitty one. -sm-
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