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  1. From a security and coding POV, you may be right @PinkElephant, and you’re no doubt much more of an expert than I. But from a user experience POV, it would be wonderful, and I don’t believe the purpose of this forum is to nix ideas. Is it not to raise user needs? In any case, the notes and the login passwords need not be integrated in any way other than them being accessible in the same app. In fact, that’s not even a big deal. Perhaps simply having separate apps covered by the same monthly plan may suffice. In any case, will leave this with the Evernote Product team to assess
  2. I used to store all my passwords in Evernote but moved everything over to BitWarden as it’s secure and also has a built-in 2-Factor Authentication generator. Would prefer to have it in the same place as my notes, so Evernote? What you say??
  3. Probably not a panacea, but I found a workaround - at least for the use case I most commonly encounter with this bug. Firstly, I'm on version " (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829)". Secondly, the issue I encountered is loss of focus when ALT-TABing between an Evernote note and another window. As it turned out, I found this was happening only when I had a search term in the "Search notes" field. Removing the search term eliminated the focus problem. Adding a search term back in the Search field caused the problem to reappear. Sounds like there are likely other use cases that have a similar issue, but for me, this is the most common and the above workaround should suffice until the underlying bug is addressed. Hope this helps some others too, as it's a nitty one. -sm-
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