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  1. Hoping someone can advise. A month ago I reported to Evernote a problem whereby some (not all) .pdfs uploaded into Evernote were displaying random blank pages. It might be that the pages were displayed correctly when swiping through a document, but swiping back the other way, some of them appear blank, or there are a few pages with text on, some blank, some with text on etc etc. I was advised by Evernote that 'it looks like there is a known issue related to the notes that have both a lot of text and PDF files. Our development team is already aware of the problem and working on its resolution. We don't know y et how long it will take for the problem to be resolved'. The problem is still there, I've raised another Support ticket but don't know how long I will have to wait until I hear something back. Is anyone else experiencing this please and do you have any advise? It can happen on documents that are large/many pages, but also small in size/few pages. We have a workaround (copying from Evernote into Adobe) but this is not ideal. We have been using Evernote for a number of years and never come across this problem before and we are not doing anything different to what we've always done. I am using the latest version of Evernote on an iPad with the latest OS. Thank you in advance.
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